Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Festival List

SOON It's Festival time for me and I have to get some things to dress the way I want to! Funnnn!
So this is my list:
First of all I really need to get me some new leggings, I'm tired of the same shiny ones I have.
MAC Make-up is a total must for me, I love their eye-shadows!
New sandals, creme colored ones preferably.
I first saw the Alexander Wang shirt on Lookbook and I fell in love. So I found out they have them here in holland (Amsterdam to be exact) so I'm waiting for my pay-check ;)
When it comes to the hat from H&M, I'm not quite sure if it'll suite me but with the right braid it possibly will.
The ring is from Ydeltuyt I bought a few weeks ago, it's totally awesome. I really love it.
and last but not least the nailpolish from OPI it's called Chicago Champagne Toast. Lovely.
Well bye huns!

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